Water Wall

A Wall of Water

A splash-free wall of water!

We have developed a water wall as an alternative to the water curtain. The water flows over a glass plate made of Plexiglas, so that both the amount of noise and splash water are reduced to a minimum. This makes a water wall a good alternative to a water curtain. 

The water wall is part of a stainless steel frame, this ensures the firmness of the whole, and has a relatively inconspicuous pond. This makes this mobile water wall ideal for decoration of for example an exhibition stand. It is also possible to process the pond under the exhibition floor, of course depending on the design of the stand. The glass of the water wall is 1 meter wide and can be connected with multiple glass plates. In this way, the water wall can be supplied in various lengths and can serve as an excellent demarcing of your stand space. The height of the water wall is determined by the size of the Plexiglas and is approx. 3 m high. Other dimensions are possible on request. 

In the pond of the water wall is a small pump that guides the water from the pond up through the frame. The pond therefore only needs to be filled once. The water wall is standard supplied with LED lighting, but can also be supplied without lighting if desired. 

Would you like to know more about the water wall? Contact us, we are happy to discuss the options! 

Water wall photo gallery