Bubble Walls

Walls full of bubbles!

Bubble walls, suitable for any event. Whether it is a trade show, wedding or opening ceremony. Bubble walls are filled with water and air bubbles. From the bottom, air bubbles bubble up playfully. A bubble wall can be used in various ways. The small size (1 x 1 x 0.30 meters) makes the water wall ideal for a buffet table for decoration or, in combination with several walls, to place side by side for creating a water wall.

Simple and customized!

The bubble walls can also be built in. Think of a custom bar or counter that is developed by your stand builder or in a custom-made base, so that the bubble walls can be placed tighter against each other. We have a few identical damaged walls in stock that can be used by stand builders to adapt their construction to the walls. In this way, they can be quickly and easily installed on site by our technicians.

Playful and versatile

All bubble walls are equipped with LED lighting and can be set to a color of your choice. Do you prefer a playful effect and want the lighting to change color? That is also possible. For more information you can contact one of our employees. We are happy to discuss the options.

Bubble walls photo gallery