A magical experience

When you think of a festival, you think of a gigantic stage, big beats and a cool show. When you think of a show, you think of special effects! We can supply all imaginable and well-known special effects that can be found at modern festivals, but there is more. Discover the magic of water through unique shapes and movements. We provide cool water effects in and around the stage. We have various options regarding to the fountains. Think of straight water jets that spurt up from your stage, a waterfall behind the DJ or a water screen that lends itself well for water projection.
Our fountains are DMX-controlled, to the rhythm of the music. Our water fountains combined with underwater lighting effects give an extra spectacular effect during your event. We create a magical experience!


Firework - Water Fountains - Special Effects

Flames, CO2 jets, CO2 cannons, Confetti, water and fireworks! Sense Effects is a total supplier for special effects and fireworks. We have all materials and equipment and all necessary permits and certificates in house. We are happy to go a step further and provide your festival with tailor-made special effects. In our own workshop we can adapt the specials to the style and characteristics of the festival. We have creative technical staff with lots of ideas for this!

Create a magical end show by making water fountains part of the show. By combining light effects, laser projection, flamethrowers, fireworks and fountains, we can develop a surprising final show that people will talk about for a long time to come.
1 point of contact, 1 supplier for all special effects! Very pleasant. Want to know more? Contact us, we would be happy to make an offer for you, or visit your location to discuss the possibilities there.


Unique, surprising, specially tailored!

On hot days, we can provide the public with a spray machine or a water cannon, but we also have fountain squares for the campsite. The camping guests can walk on the fountain square between the water jets, which are not only cooling, but also create a very cozy atmosphere.
Do you have a pond, lake or swimming pool at your location? Then it is ideal for our decorative fountains, such as a large fan fountain or volcano fountain. Even if there is no existing pond on site, we build our own custom pond in any desired shape and size. We can build our own pond system at almost any desired location. It is also possible to make a pond on top of your bar or to provide your bar with water elements. We have various bubble elements that we can process in your bar.

Curious what we can do for you? Contact us, we are happy to think along with you!


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