Creating a memory...

The opening of a new building or presentation of your product

Complete your (re)opening, product presentation, unveiling, start of construction, reaching the peak, or other special and festive event with a unique opening action of Sense Effects! An important event that has been worked on for a long time and is also an important press moment. You want to create a lasting memory together with your relations, customers and / or employees. To celebrate and make this unique event extra memorable, we provide custom openings and revelations, featuring special effects, fireworks, and more!

Sense Effects makes your opening unforgettable!

You can think of a drop cloth to reveal your artwork, (new) logo, statue or product, the release of balloons with your company colors and / or logo, a fireworks show to music, a water show to music, and many more. The possibilities are endless and can always be adapted to the style and characteristics of your company.

With our bubble decoration we can transform your location into a festive space. We have various water elements in our range, including bubble columns, which are transparent columns in which air bubbles swirl playfully upwards. We also have this form of decoration in a wall or counter. Our water decoration is adjustable to any color of your choice. This allows us to adjust the color to your logo or corporate identity.


Of course you do the opening yourself

With a special action, such as cutting a ribbon, pressing a red button, or revealing the new entrance with a reveal cloth, you create a lasting memory for you and your guests. Sense Effects provides a spectacular moment to remember! Curious about the possibilities? Contact us, we are happy to discuss what your ideal opening action will look like.


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