Water fountains that shoot out of your stage

Discover the magic of water! We have been able to contribute to various concerts, including the Toppers, Guus Meeuwis, Friends of Amstel Live and Tino Martin. We supply and develop various water effects, such as water fountains that pop out of the stage or a water screen on which we can project and even digital watercurtains which can write letters and figures. A magical experience and a very good alternative to the LED screens that are usually used in the current concert series. We can make the screens straight, square or round and custom.


Spectacular effects

We have various fountains in our range. We can supply fountains that spray up to 6 meters height, but also fountains that can spray up to 20 meters height. All our fountains are controlled by DMX. The fountains can be pre-programmed or operated live. Our operators are experienced and creative.
Would you like other spectacular effects on your stage? In our range we have various Special Effects equipment. Think of large CO2 mist plumes, flame machines or a cloud of confetti that is shot over the audience. Indoor PSE fireworks and professional outdoor fireworks are also possible, for this we have experienced pyrotechnicians and we have all the necessary equipment in-house.


Versatile technology

Our effects are perfect for concerts and tours. The fountain technology used does not interfere with the lighting and sound equipment. The technique of the fountains has been fully adapted for use at event locations. The fountains fits perfectly in modern high-end event venues. The fountains can be pre-programmed by time code via DMX control. Or move in sync with other effects such as light, laser, video, pyro and special effects.

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