Water decoration, unique and fascinating

We have various forms of water decoration, by which we can transform your party hall into a chic and contemporary location in a unique way. Think of bubble decoration such as bubble columns and bubble walls, water curtains that can be integrated in your decor in different ways, but can also be used stand alone, indoor fountains in various sizes, as well as splashless fountains that are incorporated in a tube.

Are you looking for a catchy eye-catcher in your exhibition stand? Water has a fascinating effect, which in combination with LED lighting stands out from a great distance and attracts people. An excellent moment to approach guests who are watching and tell something about your product and perhaps the link to the water item they are looking at.

Water curtain and projection

Are you looking for something special, something unique? Then think of a water curtain. A water curtain can be used as decoration with LED lighting, but can also be used for projection with a beamer or laser. Logos, but also moving images are clearly visible on the screen. An excellent way to bring an event, logo or even sponsor extra to the attention of your visitors.


We create special things. For example, do you need a counter? There are plenty of options available on the market, but a water counter is unique and not available anywhere else. The counter can be supplied in any desired shape. We have some standard elements of 2.25 x 0.80m that can easily be rented last minute. But in general the desk will be tailor-made for each event. We also regularly work with stand construction companies. In that case, we only supply the water elements that are processed in the bar or counter which is developed by the stand builder.

Do you want to know what the possibilities are? Ask one of our employees what we can do for you!

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