Square Fountain

Square Fountain

An impressive finishing touch

The name says it all, Square Fountain, a square fountain, for which there is no need for an existing pond on location. We take our own pond with us for this square fountain, which we assemble quickly and efficiently on location. The size of this fountain is from 1 meter. This is the smallest variant, also called “Deco Fountain”. You determine the size of the fountain yourself. This is also the case with fountains. 

The photo shows the Square Fountain with 4 jumping jets, which can produce both a constant and an interrupted arc of water. The jets are positioned in every corner and are aimed at the center of the pond. In the middle of the pond of the Square Fountain, there are 4 foam fountains that can spray up to 4 meters high. Finally, there is a Volcano Sprinkler in the middle, which uses the entire surface of the pond. An impressive finishing touch! 

Of course, the possibilities are very diverse. For example, you can choose to place more or fewer fountains. We have a wide range of types of fountains. All this is discussed with you and delivered completely according to your wishes. 

The Square Fountain is illuminated with powerful underwater LED lamps that can be set to any color you like. This stylish fountain can be executed in lounge style white, chic with a contemporary touch or rock motif with a scaffolding wooden edge. In both cases, a stylish addition to any type of event. The fountain can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Ask our employees about the possibilities and we will be happy to discuss what your ideal Square Fountain will look like. 

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