Regenboog Fontein

Rainbow Fountain

Colorful water game

The Rainbow Fountain suggests its name, a colorful collection of fountains. The concept is a round fountain that can be supplied in any desired size. The base of the pond is made of a truss circle, so that any desired size is possible. The smallest variant that we recommend is 2m in diameter. Smaller is possible, but then the fountain sprays only 50cm high. The edge of the pond is perfect to sit on. 

The photo shows the Rainbow Fountain of 6m diameter. In the center of the pond is a large king Fountain, this is a multi-jet fountain that reaches a height of 4 meters high and uses the entire surface of the pond. Around the fountain are no less than 11 sparkling foam fountains, which also reach a height of 4 meters. 

The entire fountain is illuminated with powerful underwater power LED lamps and can be set to any desired color. Everything DMX controllable. 

Within this concept we also have 1 fixed round pond with a diameter of 2.25m. This is our ‘original Rainbow Fountain’, which played an important role in the start-up of our company years ago. The fountain is still available for rent, but now more for events on a smaller budget. This pond can be placed easily and quickly at, for example, a gala or student party. In the pond we place 9 small foam fountains that spray 1m high and in the middle we place a somewhat thicker and higher foam fountain. It is also possible to place only 1 fountain in the center of the pond. This gives a graceful image and is also very suitable for lower budgets. 

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to know what the possibilities are with this Rainbow Fountain? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the details with you. 

Rainbow fountains photo gallery