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Water decoration

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Our water decoration can be used versatile. For indoor events you can think of a classic water ornament, a colorful musical fountain or, for example, bubble columns.

These are transparent columns that are filled with water. Bubbles sparkle up in the tube and change color. We also have this form of indoor decoration in the form of a water wall or bubble counter.

The fascinating effect of water and light

In addition to bubble decoration, we have a wide range of decorative fountains and floating fountains that can be used decorative for your event. For example, consider a large crown jet, volcano fountain or foam fountain in an existing lake, canal or pond at your location. Or  let your guests walk under an arch of water with an umbrella, walk below our Jumping Jet entrance gate or use our water attractions, such as our “water swing”. The options are very diverse. All our water fountains are equipped with underwater LED lighting. They can also be controlled with DMX.

Creative and spectacular!

We can make a wall of falling water, and even write letters and figures with water! A Graphic water screen is a unique and spectacular eye-catcher for every event. As a temporary or permanent installation in, for example, a hotel, shopping mall, commercial center or event hall, but also for a trade show, car exhibition, wedding, student party and other events. Feel free to inquire about all options. We deliver worldwide, and are happy to make an offer that matches the style of your event.

Unique and special decorations