Decorative fountains

Decorative fountains

Tailor made fountains!

Water fountains are of great added value to your event. Decoratively speaking, a fountain is a beautiful eyecatcher. Fountains can be used in many shapes and sizes at events. We have creative solutions for small and big events. We build our own ponds, which ensures that they can also be made in all conceivable shapes. Most of the time, the ponds are round, square, rectangular or polygonal, such as an octagonal pond. But we can create ponds in any shape. All our indoor and outdoor fountains can vary in height, color and thickness of the jet.

Theme Fountains

Are you organizing your event in a specific theme? Think of Italian, Las Vegas, Roman, French. Well-known fountains often underlie the idea of ​​applying a fountain to an event. We have various fountains standard in our range that fits well in a theme. Think of our classic fountain, this is a very small variant, but we can deliver as large as you want. Are you looking for an ornament in the middle of the pond? That is also possible.

Fountains that don't splash

We have developed fountains in plexiglass tubes, the Candle Fountains, for vulnerable locations. These fountains have their own water buffer that they constantly re-use and have been specially developed for locations that are not large enough for a pond with fountains, but where the bubble columns do not match the desired result. The fountains are illuminated with powerful underwater LED lighting and can be set to any color you like. All our decorative and floating fountains are infinitely adjustable in both color and height, by using our DMX control system.

Are you curious about the possibilities? Please contact one of our employees or fill in the contact form. We strive to send you a free quote within 24 hours.

Our decorative fountains

Hexagon fountain

Rainbow fountain

Square fountain

Classic fountain


Floating fountains