Multi Media Show


A complete show with Water Fountains, Special FX, Video, Laser and Professional Fireworks

Spectacle show with all effects!

A spectacular show that is created by a valuable collaboration between various parties and a combination of different effects, choreographed to the beat of the music. 

The Sense Effects team specializes in designing the choreography of water fountains, special effects and fireworks. Thanks to the unique cooperation with Mirage, Duece and many other partners, we can deliver a total concept for a multimedia show in which all conceivable effects are processed, such as; Water fountains, fire, CO2, smoke, mist, video, laser and professional fireworks. 

We have everything for professional fireworks in-house. We have our own fireworks permit and special insurance that provides worldwide coverage. 

Unique piece of entertainment

The collaboration with Duece provides a completely new experience. The addition of their spectacular acts provides unique entertainment that gives the show a theatrical touch. 

Fire-breathers who blow meters high flames into the air, fire and light dancers, from burning fans to flaming swords, impressive light acts through the use of so-called “Poi”. It is worth mentioning here that it is even possible to use logos in this spectacle. 

Multimedia shows suitable for any event

Our multimedia shows are suitable for any event, the shows are developed in various sizes and can therefore be adapted to the location of your choice. For the application of water fountains, there is no need for water to be available at the location, we build a custom pond from which the spectacle can take place. If you have a smaller location, we will adjust the effects accordingly. If the location is huge, we are going big, taking into account the budget that you have available for the show. All our shows are programmed with a time code. 

Are you curious and would you like to know more about the possibilities? We are happy to discuss this with you. What does your ideal multimedia show look like? 

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