Vulcano Fountain

Vulcano Fountain

Playful and chic look!

This beautiful fountain is a real attraction in itself. The Vulcano Fountain provides a spectacular scene, for example at the entrance of a fair, castle or other event, but also as a decoration in a pond, canal or lake.

The Volcano Fountain has 19 nozzles. 12 small arches, 6 larger arches and 1 straight fountain in the middle. The fountain can be supplied in various sizes. The smallest variant has a maximum height of 4m and the large variant sprays more than 8m high. The fountain can always be adjusted in height, so if 4m is too high for your location, or if there is too much wind that causes people to get by the water of the fountain, then we can reduce height of the fountain.

The fountain is illuminated with powerful underwater LED lights and can be set to a color of your choice. Would you prefer the color to change continuously? This is also possible. The possibilities regarding to the lighting are very diverse. Ask us about the possibilities.

The volcano fountain can be used floating or in a pond. This makes the fountain suitable for any location, even if there is no water. Then we arrange that ourselves.

Curious about the possibilities? Contact one of our employees. We are happy to help you further.

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