Floating Fountains

Floating fountains

Mobile floaters, applicable everywhere!

All our fountains can be adjusted for floating. We work with mobile drivers, these can be anchored independently, but can also be linked to each other. Are you looking for a fountain to decorate your event or would you like a spectacular conclusion? With their depth of approximately 40 centimeters, our floating fountains can be placed almost anywhere. Is your pond less deep? Then the floaters are not needed. Everything is possible. Do you want to know more about our shows? ‘Click here’.

Would you like to know more about the options? Take a look at our floating fountains and contact one of our employees. We are happy to discuss your wish!

Big eye catcher

We have a large number of standard fountain heads, by which we can create different spray images. Think of a volcano fountain, Lance Jet fountain, Geyser fountain, Foam fountain, but we also create our fountain heads ourselves. Consider, for example, the Fan Fountain, which is unique in its kind and we can deliver it in various sizes. Because of its large appearance, this fountain has already proved very popular at festivals and sites with a large pond or lake. We are already thinking about a version 2.0, the moving Fan fountain. All our fountains are illuminated with powerful underwater LED lighting and can be set to any color of your wish. All our decorative and floating fountains are both  adjustable in color and height by DMX.

Cluster of fountains

We are regularly asked to use our show fountains for decorative purposes. That is of course also possible. In this case we make a long line of fountains that optimally reinforce each other and show beautiful moving images. There are many options here. Our small show fountains go up to 6m height and our large show fountains go no less than 20m height. With these fountains we can create something suitable for every location. In 2020 we will also launch a large series of moving fountains. We have carried out extensive tests with this and they are fully available for rent by mid-2020.

Curious about the possibilities? Take a look at our decorative fountains or contact us. We like to think along with you!

Our floating fountains

Vulcano fountain

Fan fountain

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