Present your company in an unique way!

Provide a striking and stylish exhibition presentation. We develop water decoration with a unique touch for exhibition stands. Use a water curtain on which we project your corporate film during your product or company presentation or an gate of arch fountains/ Jumping Jets as an entrance through which your visitors can enter your exhibition stand. The use of water elements in your exhibition stand provides a striking way to introduce your visitors to a new product or service. The design of your exhibition stand is essential, even if your company has nothing to do with water, we can play an important role. Our decorative water elements provide a fascinating appearance, which will fascinate visitors faster and give you the opportunity to chat with your visitors.

We develop exhibition stands with a unique touch. Provide your presentation with a water curtain, on which we project your corporate film. Or flame bowls on the roof of the stand…. We highlight the stand completely in style, and arrange the assembly / disassembly in its entirety for you.

Unique eye-catchers for trade fairs

Water moves, lives and fascinates. Use water fountains, ornaments, or bubble columns to promote specific qualities of your products / services. For example, if your product is waterproof or water resistant, you can choose to promote this product in or near a bubble column. You can also incorporate bubble decoration into a wall behind your product. Does your product have nothing to do with water? Even then, water decoration can be of great added value. It can serve as a “symbol”, for example if brightness is one of the highlights of your product, but it is also easier to attract people to your stand. If you would like to involve your visitors interactively in an activity on your exhibition stand, you can also use one of our water attractions. Consider, for example, our “Waterbike”. A fun activity that will get your visitors excited and perhaps even win something. A perfect opportunity to attract your visitors to your stand and also to collect data from them.

Unique and striking

Do you want something unique for your exhibition stand? Then think of a water curtain. The application of a water curtain can make a major contribution to your product presentation. Not only as a decoration, but can also serve as a theme. With a rain curtain we can simulate both the effect and sound of a heavy rain shower or waterfall. The audience will be captivated, the rest is up to you!

Do you have a specific idea or do you want a special size? We can tailor everything for you. Think of bubble walls in your information counter or a display of water in which your logo is processed or to promote your product. You can determine the color yourself so that the water elements fits seamlessly with, for example, your logo or corporate identity or if this is desirable, we can program a color program for you. Make your exhibition stand shine from afar. We highlight your stand in style and arrange the assembly and disassembly for you. View our “Water decoration”, the possibilities are very diverse.

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