Splashing effects for indoor and outdoor

Spectacular water effects in the stage

Fountains that pop up from the stage, waterfalls that are incorporated into the stage decor, bubble columns behind the DJ, Air Jets that shoot water up to 20m far over the audience, water spray cannons to cool your audience and bubble machines for endless bubbles.

Water effects can be applied to an event in many different ways, both in the form of a Special Effect and for decorative purposes.

Are you looking for a total package of water effects, special effects and fireworks? That will be no problem for us. We will gladly tell you about all the options if you contact us.

Customized ponds on layher constructions

We have a modular pond construction system by which we can process ponds in layher stages. These ponds are supplied with black PVC pond liner as standard.

Are you looking for a pond in a separate form or in a different color? For this we use a reinforced PVC foil that can be supplied in any desired color but also in every desired form. The foil is completely custom made for the pond, so that different shapes can also be produced.

Do you have a DWG drawing or a simple sketch of your plans? Send it to us and we can immediately prepare a good offer for you.

Stage fountains indoor & outdoor

The fountains can vary from decorative multi-jet fountains to Lance Jet fountains (straight jets). The straight fountains are available in transparent straight Lance Jets and thick foamy Jets.

Characteristic is that they always go straight up, they are provided with full color underwater LED lighting, and everything can be continuously adjusted in height with DMX. Our stage fountains go up to a height of 20m and we can also supply a few fountains that spray up to a height of 40m.

Water Effects photo gallery

Water effects: as a Special Effect and for decorative purposes