Bubble Bar

Bubbles in your counter?

Bubble counter, called Bubble bar or also called Water bar, is an absolute eye-catcher for your event. A bubble counter can be used as an information point, as a buffet table, but with a small adjustment also as a bar conversion at your exhibition stand or corporate event. The counter is standard in lounge style (white) and has the dimensions (LxWxH) 2.20 x 80 x 1.05 meters. The color can be adjusted as desired. 

Would you like to have your logo incorporated in it, or would you prefer a quiet background? In consultation we can adjust this entirely to your taste. Because the bubble counter is equipped with LED lighting, the bar can be adjusted to any desired color. For example, you can have the color of your logo appear in your bubble counter, so that the water counter fits seamlessly with your brand. 

Are you interested in renting a bubbling water counter? Contact us or leave your details in our contact form. We are happy to discuss the options with you. 

Bubble Bar photo gallery