For splashing events

A magical Experience

Enjoy the dazzling effect of splashing water effects and fireworks at your event.

Sense Effects produces and provides unique water effects, fireworks and special effects, inside and outside, for EDM (electronic dance music), festivals, concerts, opening acts, private events, corporate events and holiday-related shows.

Creating musical water shows and splashing water effects on events are our specialty. We can create unique timecode shows, in which we perfectly coordinate water, light, fire, fireworks, CO2 and other effects, by programming them entirely to the beat of the music.

Complete show design

We present the magic of water, fire and other elements of movement, light and emotion, which connects with our senses and unites to an unforgettable highlight of your event! We produce the most complex fireworks and special effect shows, with Water, Fire, CO2, Fireworks and Entertainment. Inside and outside. In addition, we develop and produce effects that are tailor-made and entirely tailored to the client's wishes.
We take full responsibility for the technical production of the shows, including making a show plan, construction and assembly, rehearsals, directing the shows, and of course matching everything to the wishes of our client. Our way to create magic is combining technical installations with the demands of the entertainment industry.

Unique, surprising & customized

From Musical Watershows to decorative fountains that can be placed indoor and outdoor. From decorative bubble columns and water decoration to large concerts or festivals with fountains incorporated in the stage design. But also water curtains and water projection in various forms are possible: we offer a creative splashing solution for every event!
Our fountains and other effect machines are specially designed for temporarily use at event locations. A lake, river or canal offers the perfect opportunity for a floating fountain construction. Moreover, with our modular pond construction system, we can create any pond at your location. This can be applied to almost every location, such as theaters, stages and even in the parking lot of your company.

We have everything to make your event unforgettable!

Creative and technically perfect water shows