Graphics Screen

Digital Water Screen

A spectacular eye-catcher!

A Graphic Water Screen also known as Digital Water Printer, Digital Water Curtain, Water Printer and Digital Rain Curtain. A Graphic screen is a spectacular eye-catcher at a trade show, during a concert or during a business event. A digital water printer has endless possibilities. This varies from dropping logos and images to writing letters and words, but they can also create rain effects and other figures. It is an excellent alternative to water projection, which is unfortunately a lot more expensive. 

Graphics screens can be supplied in many different sizes. The elements are 1m long and can be seamlessly linked together. The required length and height of the system is depending of the space on your location and also the texts / logos you want to drop. 

We have even used the system to develop a water swing, where it is possible to swing under the water curtain without getting wet. By means of sensors, the system determines where you exactly are and the moment you swing under the water curtain, the system switches off for a 10th second, so you swing without getting wet to the other side. 

We have supplied a round digital water screen for the Friends of Amstel Live. We can deliver Round water screens in various sizes. Ask our employees for this. 

Our digital water curtains are illuminated with special LED lamps that we can operate live, but can also be pre-programmed. 

Are you organizing a fair, concert or other event soon and are you enthusiastic? Ask us about the possibilities, we are happy to think along with you! 

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