Hexagon Fountain

Hexagon Fountain

A pleasant gathering place

The Hexagon fountain is a polygonal pond. This pond has only equal sides and can be created in many different sizes. The pond in the photo on the right has 12 equal sides and a diameter of approximately 7.5 m. The fountain image of a Hexagon fountain is diverse and can be tailored to your wishes. For example, a large statue can be placed in the center of the pond. Surrounded by fountains with thick fizzy jets that reach a height of 1 meter. This all is DMX controllable. Of course, there are plenty of other options regarding the fountain statue. We can also assemble a series of arc fountains along the edge of the pond that spout in a graceful arc to the middle of the pond. 

The fountain is illuminated with powerful underwater lighting. The lighting is pre-programmed, so that various color programs are displayed. Do you prefer the color to be static? That too can be set. 

The Hexagon fountain has a strong pond edge, making it also very suitable for sitting on. This allows a cozy meeting point to be created. Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee that you will not get a wet ass, but it is certainly fun. 

Would you like to know more about the possibilities and the associated costs? Contact one of our employees, we are happy to discuss the possibilities! 

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