Lance Jet Fontein

Lance Jet Fountains

Simple, but attractive!

These Lance Jet fountains have a straight Jet upwards and can be placed separately from each other and in a group of fountains. The Jets reinforce each other enormously, especially in a long line. Because they are adjustable in height, we can make the fountains move, making it look like the fountains are simulating waves. In addition, powerful excesses are also possible. It remains fascinating to watch. 

The Lance Jet Fountains are available in different heights. We use 2 types of fountain pumps for this. The small version is 6 meters high and the large version is up to 20 meters high. Other heights are also possible on request. The fountain can be delivered as standard with a spray head straight up, but is also available with a moving nozzle that can move in 2 directions or even completely 3D. This gives a spectacular effect and is certainly also a star in a water show. 

The Lance Jet XL Fountain is illuminated with powerful underwater LED spots that can shine in any color of the rainbow. The fountain can be adjusted in height, color and movement with the DMX driver. 

The Lance Jet Fountains are excellent to use for decorative purposes but are mostly used in our water shows, opening acts and in stages of concerts and festivals. 

Are you organizing an event, concert or looking for decoration for a festival, for example? Our Lance Jet Fountains can be applied to both an indoor and outdoor location. Contact us or complete the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible. 

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