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Musical Water Shows

Musical Water shows

Watershow Aqua Nimma Nijmegen 2016

An unique and original experience

When you rent a Musical Watershow at Sense Effects, you can expect a spectacular show. We arrange everything to perfection. Our fountains are individually adjustable in height. The most beautiful movements and shapes can be realized. Thanks to our special software and time code equipment you can have a show especially programmed on music.

We have 2 varieties of shows. The floating shows, which can be used in, for example, a pond, lake or canal. The fountains that are used do not depend on the depth of the water. If there is no existing water, we take our modular pond system and create a pond of any size on your location. We can assemble this variant at any time, tailor-made, professionally and quickly.

Dynamic and special Watershows

We spend a lot of time in creating a cohesive and dynamic show for your event. Light and water are professionally combined, along with the music you provide, spectacular fireworks and many other special effects. Perfect if you want to use a specific number during the water show! Of course, in advance we will discuss your expectations during a conversation.

Would you like a combined water show with fire and / or fireworks? Everything is possible. Contact one of our employees and we will be happy to tell you about all the possibilities.

Water shows at any location

The fountains are always controlled with the rock-solid MA2 consoles of MA lighting. Our time code equipment has been specially developed for making musical shows. Complete ending shows of festivals and events are controlled and synchronized with our time code equipment.

We can create a musical water shows at both indoor and outdoor locations. Is your location complex or do you have a unique location? No problem! It is even possible to create a sailing fountain behind or on a boat. The possibilities are endless. Would you like a spectacular ending show on your party week, event or other festive occasion? Ask our employees for more information. We like to think along with you!

Fotogalerij Watershows

Sense Effects can build a water show anywhere