Fan Fountain

Impressive, large and photo-worthy!

This Fan Fountain is large, striking and photoworthy. A water attraction in itself. The fountain has 7 jets that are adjusted in the form of a fan of impeller. We can supply this fountain in 2 different sizes, namely the “small” version of 10m high and 20m wide and the large version of over 18m height and 36m wide. This Fan Fountain is very suitable for lakes and canals. Due to its size, it is impressive and striking, even at larger locations. Perfect as decoration at an opening event, festival, event or as a background during a press moment. 

The Fan Fountain is equipped with powerful underwater LED lights that illuminate each jet individually. This makes it possible to illuminate the fountain in one or more colors at the same time. It is even possible to create a beautiful rainbow fan, where each beam gets its own color. Do you want the color to change constantly or the colors to change to the beat of the music? That is also possible. We can preset a color program that automatically plays during your event and it is also possible to let our or your operator control the lighting live. 

Curious about the possibilities? Contact us or leave your details ‘here’ and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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