Water Features


Water bike "Exhibition special"

A unique appearance, the automatic water bike! It looks like a beer bike but much more fun. We have developed a system that allows the fountain to respond to the bicycle. The faster you cycle, the faster the fountain rises. We have developed a frame in which a bicycle is fixed, so this bicycle is also safe. And that’s not all, the color changes while cycling the fountain. The lighting starts with red as soon as you start cycling. Once the fountain sprays higher, the color will change. First to orange, then to green, and when the fountain is at its maximum height, the lighting will start to flash in blue. There is a nice ring when the highest point is reached. 

A very nice item for in your exhibition stand or at your networking event. The bike can be provided with branding if desired. 

Water swing

This unique water swing is a true attraction! The built-in sensors detect your exact position, which automatically stops the water when you swing under the water curtain. In this way it is possible to always swing back and forth dry. 

The attraction is a dazzling game and spectacle and suitable for any event, indoors or outdoors. The Water Swing is equipped with its own pond, which is stylish finished and can be provided with branding. The water curtain is illuminated by means of special LED bars. In short, a surprising item for your event that people won’t forget soon. Would you like more information about the Water Swing? Contact us by leaving your details in our contact form. 

Rain gate

That we can create special things with our water fountains and water effects, is clear. But we would like to give you one more fun idea for your event. Namely a spectacular entrance gate with a water curtain. Normally a water curtain has a high decorative value, but we also like to make our effects interactive. We place a bridge over the pond, so that your visitors have to walk under the water curtain. If desired we ensure that the water curtain can also be deployed above the bridge, but it is even more fun to provide your visitors with umbrellas with your logo on it. In this way your visitors can walk through the water of the water curtain. A guaranteed success and very nice photo opportunity, in short: A beautiful decorative water curtain with free promotion. 

Did we get you excited? Please contact us quickly or fill in the contact form for a customized quote.