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Special Effects brings your event to an higher level

Nowadays special effects are essential for festivals, concerts and many other festive events. Sense Effects delivers Special Effects for every event! The goal is to create a magical moment, a highlight that will surprise your visitors! Large confetti plumes, fireballs, fireworks or water fountains! We also provide other in-house created specials such as; Amazing dropping balloons: large balloons that automatically descend on your audience.

A Special Effect gives the event an extra dimension and completes every party.

We work with globally valued brands such as Magic FX and Explo, and we also develop customized Special Effect systems in our workshop. This allows us to meet your specific requirements.

For customized solutions you have come to the right place.

Everything for every event

We can deliver Co2 effects, fire effects, confetti / streamers and we offer a wide range of water effects for events. For example fountains on stage, waterfalls, but also our decorative bubble columns can give the show a sparkling character behind the DJ. For large festivals we have a wide range of decorative floating water fountains that can easily be used stand-alone. Besides the special Effects, we can also deliver pyro effects, for example pyro effects from your stage, but also professionally large fireworks from a lake is possible. The fireworks can be applied to both indoor and outdoor locations. Tip: Ensure an unforgettable conclusion to your event, by using all possible effects.

The perfect show!

All our Special Effects are provided by specialists and can be programmed time code. As a result, a perfect match is created by combining effects such as light, sound and special effects such as water effects, fire and pyro.

Curious what we can do for you? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options!

Special Effects: Creating a magical moment