CO2 Effects

Spectacular and refreshing!

The CO2 effects are nowadays indispensable at any festive event or festival. CO2 jets are frequently used as a stage effect at large festivals, but can also be used for an opening act, film recording or a TV commercial. CO2 is a liquid natural gas that is not flammable or explosive and gives a great white, ice-cold plume of smoke. The “mist” plume appears in a fraction of a second and disappears almost immediately. This gives a spectacular effect and also a great cooling for the visitors of your event.

We do not need a permit for Co2 effects and the effect can be applied both indoors and outdoors. We have various special effects that can be combined with each other. A special effect takes your event to a higher dimension and makes your event complete.

Absolute 'Must have'

Various types of CO2 effects are available. The CO2 Jet is the most common. High plumes of smoke of approximately 8 meters height, provide a surprising and spectacular effect. With special lighting we can light the white CO2 fog plumes in any desired color. In addition, we can also supply CO2 Powerjets that have an output of up to 20 meters high! Do you not want standard special effects, but something special that creates interaction with the audience? Then use our CO2 Guns. These are guns with which the steam plumes can be fired over the public! An absolute must have for every DJ or artist.

In our workplace we can adjust the CO2 effects to your decor. We develop tailor-made Special Effect systems. This makes it possible to respond to special requests. We can shoot he plumes of steam from your decor, or from a car, for example, as a spectacular effect during a commercial or TV / Film recording. Are you interested in a customized solution or do you want more information about the possibilities, do not hesitate and contact one of our employees to discuss the possibilities for your application!

Endless possibilities

All our effects are operated live during the event, but can also be programmed time code (SMPTE). Consider, for example, a time code programmed end show. Our operators have a great feeling for timing. CO2 jets can be mounted in all desirable angles and can also be sprayed from top to bottom. For more complex applications we also have CO2 jets that can rotate like a Moving Head.

The Sense Effects team knows better than anyone how special effects can best be applied during your festival, event or other festive occasion. The goal is to create magical moments, a highlight during your event to surprise visitors. A blanket of confetti and / or streamers, fireballs, fireworks and fountains are just a few of the options. Sense Effects can also provide customized effects, such as large balloons that automatically descend on your audience.

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