Confetti & Streamer FX

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Streamers and Confetti

An experience at every event! Shoot large amounts of confetti or streamers over your audience. Confetti is suitable for a concert, festival, opening of a new building, launching a new product and even for example at a television show. 

Confetti are “shreds,” and serpentines are long strands that fall over the audience like a blanket. Confetti and serpentines are available in paper and in metallic (also water-resistant). Both variants are available in all colors. 

We have various machines at our disposal, for which a nice effect can be made with confetti for every event. 

A cloud of confetti

With the use of a confetti machine, such as a Stadium Shot, Stadium Blaster, or Super Blaster from Magic FX, the spread of a large cloud of confetti can be easily achieved. At a large Dance Event we like to use our confetti cannons, which can shoot Streamers over the audience up to 60 meters away. For a luxury dinner, product presentation or other business event, we recommend using a smaller effect with less reach.  

Based on our experience we are happy to advise you in choosing the right effect. It must fit and it must be good! 

A surprising experience

Confetti is generally used mainly as a powerful effect that is applied during the highlights in the music, but there are more options. Confetti can very well simulate the effect of snow. For this we use Slowfall confetti in the color white in combination with a Swirl fan. This is a confetti machine that is hung above the audience. As soon as the fans in the machine start to run, a real snowstorm of snow shower occurs. 

Would you like to know what the options are for your event? Contact one of our employees. We like to think along with you. 

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